Wednesday, July 30, 2008


If you're in the T-Dot..don't miss the party!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Midnight Juggernauts

Due to the fact that I'm extremely jaded, it takes a lot to get me excited these days...But fuck,do I love Midnight Juggernauts. Bowie-esque vocal stylings, chilly arpeggiators, good musician skills, sexy tunes.

Check the video for "Road To Recovery"

You'll also be wanting to head to their
MySpace Page to check out some other amazing trax!

And yer freebie for the day...
Midnight Juggernauts "Dystopia" Turkish Prison RMX (Thieves Like Us)

Friday, July 18, 2008


Little Boots is a pretty English girl with a smattering of synths and a whole lotta hook.

Check the super single "Meddle" on her MySpace Page

And the Fake Blood remix of a track that blogs all over are luvvin.... I agree, it's pretty sick.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


From Canoe:

TORONTO - Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page, known for his clean-cut image and goofy stage antics, has been charged in New York state with possession of cocaine.

Police said Tuesday that the bespectacled singer, responsible for such pop hits as "If I Had a $1,000,000" and "Be My Yoko Ono," was charged last Friday with criminal possession of a controlled substance after cocaine and marijuana were found in an apartment in Fayetteville, N.Y.

Capt. Bill Bleyle of the nearby town of Manlius said the 38-year-old Page was released Friday upon paying $10,000 bail on the felony charge.

Bleyle said the arrest occurred at about 2 a.m. Friday after patrolling police noticed a suspicious car with its driver's side door left open and found a man and woman in a nearby apartment with a white capsule in front of them. Bleyle said the pair were later found to be in possession of cocaine.

"In the process of making the arrest, the girl he (Page) was with identified him as the lead singer for the group," Bleyle said from Manlius, just outside Syracuse.

"He subsequently said, 'Yes, I play the guitar and sing."'

Stephanie Ford, 25, was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance, as well as unlawful possession of marijuana. A second woman, Christine Benedicto, 27, was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Bleyle said Page posted the $5,000 bail for Ford.

Page's manager, Terry McBride, said from Vancouver that he wouldn't discuss the matter but was confident the popular frontman would be cleared.

"We cannot comment because the matter is before the courts but we are confident that our client Steven will be completely exonerated," McBride said.

"Until that time it's business as usual for the Barenaked Ladies."

Page is to return to Fayetteville court Thursday.

Jesus, who'd have thunk it! What it does prove is that doing coke does not always lead to composing bangers...

Monday, July 14, 2008


So, a pal sent me a link to this today, and I found it too hilarious not to share...
Behold, the "Playmobil Security Check Point" perfect for a child's early introduction to travelling in fear as well as racial profiling! Amazon Page

From the Manufacturer:
The woman traveler stops by the security checkpoint. After placing her luggage on the screening machine, the airport employee checks her baggage. The traveler hands her spare change and watch to the security guard and proceeds through the metal detector. With no time to spare, she picks up her luggage and hurries to board her flight!

We're talking hours of fun for the kids!!! Plus the user comments are...sadly chock o' block full of unintentional humor.

Interesting to note that in the "customers also looked at" section...
"Big Daddy's Girl Hooker Prostitute Sexy Luxurious Crushed Velvet with Leopard Trim"

Dead Kids "Fear & Flouride" Lillica Libertine RMX

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Usually I get annoyed by cute voiced smart named chicks that rap like they don't give a shit and bands that list a bunch of high fashion cities as their location. In this case, I however, I must beg to differ.

Meet Terry PoisonFour sexy gals with enough balls to list the names of their stylists (cool!)..hailing from Oslo, Paris and Tel Aviv. I first heard the remix for their track "24 Hours To Go" I'm posting below, but when you peep their myspace page, you find some really developed melodies and some pretty tight arrangements, all in covered in a satisfying sugary layer of dirty sparkly production.

I am an incurable Euroslut, so...two thumbs up! If you like Peaches, Yelle, Lady Tigra, Le Tigre, hot girls dancing around in AA boycut briefs...well, get with Terry Poison!
Terry Poison "24 Hours To Go" Aston Shuffle RMX


I posted the Gangbangaz DJs "Mer Du ProCon" mash a while back. They're back with some new mashes and edits after playing the infamous Circa club last week for Toronto's Pride closing party, alongside Lief (hep new gay emcee) and Ru Paul. Yes, THAT Ru Paul.
Peep them up on their myspace page
and you might get them to send you one of their kickass T's...

Adult "Hand To Phone" vs. Big Boi & Purple Ribbon All Stars "Kryptonite"

Maniac Head
Bloody Beetroots "Maniac" RMX vs. "Gimme Head" Dj Deeon

Wednesday, July 9, 2008



David Lee Roth puts nuts in mouth, almost dies

Joe Bosso, Wed 9 Jul, 3:09 pm BST
David Lee Roth

Aw, nuts!

David Lee Roth is famous for what comes out of his mouth, but the Van Halen vocalist almost died recently for what he instead put into his mouth.

Roth was reportedly pulled over for speeding in Ontario, Canada last month when officers noticed the rocker was having a medical emergency. As it turned out, Roth was suffering from a severe allergic reaction to nuts.

An ambulance was called and Roth, who at one time worked as an EMT, was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated and released. The officers are being credited with saving Roth's life.

I got a soft spot in my heart for David Lee Roth. He brings the rock like none other. "Classy" isn't a word that comes to mind when discussing his vibe, but in the whole Van Hagar debacle, he's the only one who displays it. Anyhow, super glad this happened in Canada (land of higher taxes but free healthcare!), cause..if it had been in the US...well, no guarantees, eh? Anyhow, anaphylactic shock is a shitty way to go, someone go get that rock icon a zebra striped beribboned epi pen already!


A blog worth blogging about.
Reasons to love Hipster Runoff.
1) I suspect he's pretty hot.
2) Honest, bitchy commentary on sketchy vapid culture.
3) Also thinks CC is a sham.
4) Likely wouldn't be caught dead djing in a mask or a keffiyeh.
5) Was the "first blogger to blog about Justice".

Get your bony hipster ass to Hipster Runoff NOW!!

It is with great humility and respect that I repost this gem, which was part of his hilarious post about "members only" jackets.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1 877 BE KANYE

God, this guy is as terminally unfunny as he is untalented.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Crunchy, Bloggy, Neon Beatz
What more do you want?

Steed Lord Myspace

"Peep This"
Steed Lord Hospital RMX


I've just come back from a successful late nite djing gig in a bit of a state, but rest assured, my "awesome taste-ometer" hasn't been affected. Thanks to discodust? for posting this first....