Monday, August 4, 2008


As everyone should!
It's hard not to see Barletta popping up everywhere these days online. He's one of the most prolific up and comers on the blog scene. I was fortunate enough to catch his first (!) Dj set at Remix This (hosted by the tirelessly awesome Matt Medley)...and we promptly invited him to spin with Gangbangaz @ Supermarket for his second throwdown on the decks. It sucks that we all missed DJ Assault @ Circa, but we were busy making our own little history...

Barletta's remixes have obviously been getting to some good ears, cause none other than Larry Tee contacted our crew to express respect for the talented Barletta. Barletta and I chatted after his (bangin!) set, and he told me his goal when reworking a track is to take it to a whole other level..he is not afraid to fuck with it..and I greatly admire that in a remixer.

DJ Barletta MySpace Page

You're gonna hear more about this's two remixes, one of my favorite peeps, Syntonics...headz up, Barletta's remix of "Delia" by ProCon coming soon!