Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Not a Coldplay fan, I. Manufactured schlocky drama. Pap. "Yellow" was like nails on a freakin' chalkboard and it's not gotten better since. New album out today, woohoo...let's pretend to be Arcade Fire instead of Radiohead. (Wot, Radiohead got too "musically challenging" to copy?). Shit, at least Muse made something interesting of themselves. (Go team Muse!)

Annnyyhow, furor erupts on the internet. Surprise, surprise, the poorly named (but trendily moustache'd) CREAKY BOARDS from Brooklyn might have cause to call plagiarism against Coldplay.
Check out this clip.
The more you watch it, the more it makes you say...hmmmmmm?

In a recent interview (where he declares his love for Limp Bizkit...joke or no joke, terribly uncool) Martin states, "With Brian [Eno], he's not snobby about any kind of music. He'd say, ''Listen to this Donna Summer track and then this Boyz II Men track.'' Then we'd listen to Rammstein, and I played him a Limp Bizkit song. It could be literally like that, so we were able to plagiarize from the most extraordinary places."

ps. Eno produced this new Coldplay album (oh, Eno, you disappoint me sometimes with the cash grabs, there's so many bands out there today who would really produce miracles with your influence). Although, to give Eno credit, he apparently said to Chris Martin:

"Your songs are too long. And you're too repetitive, and you use the same tricks too much, and big things aren't necessarily good things, and you use the same sounds too much, and your lyrics are not good enough."

Too true.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


As a lazy (but effective!) DJ, I often find myself hearing a track, making scrunchy fists and looking up to the heavens while pleading "Oh! If there was just a more BANGIN'ER version of this!"

Yes, "bangin'er" is a now a word, and Cobrapants realizes that yes, creating her own loops so she can just do it on the fly is...only weeks away and not that freakin' hard.


The point is, when I GET to that point, CHEW FU is always there to rescue me. There's not a refix of his I can't throw down with good results. Sense of humour, good taste, it's no wonder he's the king of Palms Out.

Thumbs up for CHEW FU!

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Make sure to hit up the blog section to download the "Summer Fixtape".

Courtesy of Palms Out:
Go Girl

Friday, June 13, 2008


Just when I start to get all pissy about electronic music, I see something that restores my faith. Thanks to friend of Cobrapants, Rico Suave for turning me onto "The Scene" a Detroit cable TV show that aired videos and featured local dancers throwing down to tracks that would become legendary. All in all, this shit scores a hundred out of ten in the fashion, dance and music departments. I also almost forgot to mention the obscenely awesome sax solo in the first clip.
Fuck yeah!

I wish I was one of them chicks doing "the hot secretary strut". Too cool.

Here's the Slingshot rework of "You Shook Me All Night Long"

More to come on this, as I'm currently obsessed.